Friday, March 29, 2013

Kitchen Remodel - Week 3: Cabinets!

The cabinets finally came in!  So after 7 idle work days (is that an oxymoron?), I was glad that they were able to get back to work.  All was going really great until Thursday night, when we discovered that (I'll let you infer exactly how) the workers punctured the waste pipe that draws the waste from the two upstairs bathrooms downward when they were reinforcing the upper cabinets along that wall. Not cool.  Maybe that was why there weren't cabinets on that wall in the first place...

That darker area?  Not supposed to be there.

I called the project manager right away, and he had the guys come back out.  I felt bad that they had basically just gotten home, then had to turn around and come right back (not bad enough for us to wait until the morning, though). But they did, and were relatively cheerful about it.  Got to work right away and stayed until it was right.  They had to put in a new section of pipe, seal it, then patch the drywall back up, then hang the cabinets again.  They had to at least put the lower cabinets back, because the granite guys were coming in the morning to measure for the counters.

Prophetically, I had just read an article that same morning about kitchen remodels, and part of what it said was to plan for at least one nightmare.  If this is the worst of the nightmares, then we will hopefully be okay. (Crossing fingers!)

The project is really starting to take shape, with the cabinets in and the handles on.  I love the handles I bought from Restoration Hardware for the island:

Close up:

The granite guy came to measure for the counters.  Good thing I was around to make some decisions, because there seemed to be some confusion about what kind of granite was going where.  :-)

So, here's where we are after week three:

Next week, we can look forward to getting the floors and (maybe) the counters.  Unfortunately, they pulled apart the powder room (it's the only bathroom on the main floors) so the flooring guys can lay the cork...on Thursday.  Not sure why they needed to do it today, but we still have three bathrooms to choose from, so I won't complain (much). It just makes getting a glass of water that much more of a chore.

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